An Open Letter To My 13-Year-Old Brother

My Darling Luke,

We’re all extremely glad that you’ve made it to the top 20 at Little MasterChef India. Now, your aim is to get selected in the top 10, for which you’re soon going to visit the very aptly put – Dream City. You’re definitely not visiting Mumbai for the first time, but this is the first time you’re coming here with a dream. A dream to be fulfilled. You may say you’re just 13, but remember, Siera started cooking when she was 11. And she was already an expert when she was 13. You need to buck up, darling. You are now 13, but you’re yet to see the world. Your selection would mean a lot to you and the family. But if you don’t make it to the top 10, no worries, there’s always a MasterChef India 😉

Confidence: You need to compete with kids from metropolitan cities. A child from a far-out village in Goa barely gets such opportunities. This is your chance to prove yourself not just in the kitchen, but to prove your overall confidence too. Please note, I said confidence. Do not attach an “over” before the word. You’ll ruin it for yourself.

Faith: Siera and I totally believe that there’s a God who makes way for us. Till now, if both your sisters are doing well for themselves, if Siera can take the place of a father and look after the entire family, there is definitely a God taking care of us. DEPEND on Him. Call on the Holy Spirit every time you set out to do something. He will never let you down. Have faith in yourself, and in the prayer you make.

Look Ahead: Many people – family and friends – will continuously shower you with their advice. Choose only those pieces of advice that make sense to you. The rest, leave it in the air!

As the days are nearing, you may be getting nervous, or I can be wrong. You’ve been the smartest, the most intelligent and bravest among the four of us. Keep it up! Good luck and do your best. I know you will, little genius 😀

Your sister in crime,

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