The Decision of the Dice at MFF

It was just a phone call by a colleague that triggered the excitement all over again. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to make it to the Mumbai Film Festival considering I was running out of privileged leave and money, of course! Thanks to my job, I managed to earn myself a pass with the blessings of the media.

So, my day one set my laughter rolling with the film Throw of Dice. Day two at MFF was dedicated to the relationship between India and Germany with regard to cinema, hence Throw of Dice, a silent film that released in 1929 featuring Himanshu Rai, Seeta Devi and Charu Roy.

The film is about two kings where one wants to capture his cousin’s kingdom, but what comes in the way is the beautiful girl who lived in a humble hut with her doctor father. The dice decides their fate.

As much as I enjoyed the melodrama that was predictable at every stage, the orchestra band from Germany grabbed my attention all the time. The opening scene started with a very popular Bollywood track called Mere Hathon Mein Nau Nau Chudiyaan Hai that was accompanied with a roar of laughter from the audienceThere were moments when my ears would tempt my eyes to move away from the screen and gaze at the set of people who were creating melody with the wind through brass instruments. From the drums to the tabla, to saxophones and trumpets made the film all the more hilarious.

The 74 minutes long Throw of Dice was undoubtedly an inspiring start to my fling with MFF ’12. It was after the success of this film that Himanshu Rai started Bombay Talkies in 1935 in Mumbai.

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