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Fingers Cross: A Decision Taken In 3 Minutes

Last Sunday evening, my Goan friends decided to breakaway from the monotonous dinner routine and dine elsewhere. Everyone suggested different restaurants, and finally settled on Fingers Cross that’s situated near Infinity Mall, Andheri (West). Within 10 minutes, we were at the restaurant. None of us had been here before, but heard about the place because of cheap booze and the sizzlers. We were welcomed pleasantly, and we chose the couch instead of the chairs. The place is easily identifiable.

  • Ambiance – Dimly lit, love the texture of the wall and the rack that stocked bottles of wine, whiskey, gin, rum, etc. just behind the main door.
  • Music – Contemporary dance music, but it kinda put me off after it slipped into Baby by Justin Beiber. Can’t really blame them, the college crowd was enjoying it. Rest was foot-tapping.
  • Drinks – We ordered for Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Margarita and a Chocolate Milk Shake. I had the LIIT that was shaken to perfection and garnished with lemon.
  • Food – We were hungry. And the description on the menu, below the Non-veg Platter stated that it was meant for four hungry souls. We related to it and placed our order. The platter arrived in 10 minutes and disappeared within the next 5. Right from chicken to lamb, prawns and squids, we loved it all. My personal favourite was lamb and squids. It tasted delicious and the lamb was tender. After this we placed an order for Chicken Barbecue Sizzlers and Seafood Sizzlers. No complaints, really. But I rate the platter higher than the sizzlers.
  • Service – Wasn’t up to the mark. We couldn’t see anyone who could take our order. Otherwise, once the order was placed, everything reached our table on time.

Non-Veg Platter at Fingers Cross

Dinner for 4 along with drink comes up approximately to Rs. 2000/-

Fingers Cross Address: 9, Raheja Classique, Lokhandwala, Off New Link Road, Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai

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Serafina: Does Better In New York, I Guess

Last evening, I accompanied my colleague to the much hyped, New York based, Italian restaurant – Serafina at Palladium. The Mumbai unit launched after four chefs returned from a three-month training session in New York, and within a month-and-a-half trained the rest.

My take on the restaurant:

  • The ambiance looked classy with every wall featuring a painting.
  • Drinks weren’t disappointing. I sipped on the Ginger and Basil Mojito. The drink was refreshing, and had white rum as it’s base. All in all, well balanced.
  • With Regard to the food – I was quite disappointed. Most of the dishes (mostly, seafood) that we’d ordered turned out to be salty. The salads are very fresh and flavourful. Pizzas are freshly baked (you can supervise the baking process as well), and are famous for the thin crust. They all come in 12″. However, the ham on the pizza was unevenly distributed. The Lamp Chops definitely get a thumbs up from me. The meat was tender and delicious.
  • We were quite unlucky to not get a chance to taste Serafina‘s famous Tiramisu. A quick chat with the chef conveyed that cream was unavailable. However, we tried Serafina‘s home-made cake that turned out to be the best. It was served hot with a scoop of ice cream. The cake simply melts in your mouth leaving behind the taste of chocolate.
  • Items are priced between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 for food items. Drinks start at Rs. 500.
  • Service was excellent. We did not have one particular server, but every server that attended to us was trained very well, and could deliver answers to every question we asked.

Click here to know more on Serafina.

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They Didn’t, We Had To


They didn’t, we had to
She didn’t, he had to

But she did say
New roads had to be paved
Not by them
But by us
And she guessed
Old was difficult to mend
New wasn’t

They didn’t, I had to
She didn’t, we had to


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The Extent of Carelessness in the Indian Media

I came across this image on Twitter the other day. It took me two seconds to spot the error, and to the sub-editor’s bad luck, pubic is a word and has changed the entire meaning of the headline. One of my professors in Journalism class brought to our notice how an error in an article would allow the reader to question the authenticity of the news that’s being reported. Such errors are definitely unforgivable. This reflects poorly on Patricia Mukhim, a renowned writer from Meghalaya whose article it is. Truly, is media reflecting public opinion?

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