Serafina: Does Better In New York, I Guess

Last evening, I accompanied my colleague to the much hyped, New York based, Italian restaurant – Serafina at Palladium. The Mumbai unit launched after four chefs returned from a three-month training session in New York, and within a month-and-a-half trained the rest.

My take on the restaurant:

  • The ambiance looked classy with every wall featuring a painting.
  • Drinks weren’t disappointing. I sipped on the Ginger and Basil Mojito. The drink was refreshing, and had white rum as it’s base. All in all, well balanced.
  • With Regard to the food – I was quite disappointed. Most of the dishes (mostly, seafood) that we’d ordered turned out to be salty. The salads are very fresh and flavourful. Pizzas are freshly baked (you can supervise the baking process as well), and are famous for the thin crust. They all come in 12″. However, the ham on the pizza was unevenly distributed. The Lamp Chops definitely get a thumbs up from me. The meat was tender and delicious.
  • We were quite unlucky to not get a chance to taste Serafina‘s famous Tiramisu. A quick chat with the chef conveyed that cream was unavailable. However, we tried Serafina‘s home-made cake that turned out to be the best. It was served hot with a scoop of ice cream. The cake simply melts in your mouth leaving behind the taste of chocolate.
  • Items are priced between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 for food items. Drinks start at Rs. 500.
  • Service was excellent. We did not have one particular server, but every server that attended to us was trained very well, and could deliver answers to every question we asked.

Click here to know more on Serafina.

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