Danish Television Drama The Killing Releases SS 3

Romour has it that Season 3 of the Danish television drama The Killing will be released shortly. Now that raises a question –Will there be an English version too with Mireille Enos as the lead detective? Again, there are a few posts on Twitter that suggest that the English version will be back as well, but it will be the final 13 episodes. And guess what, they also say that Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) will be assisting Detective Saran Linden (Mireille Enos). I am desperately looking forward to the season 3.

The Killing

Since childhood, if I’ve ever watched any detective series, the case was usually wrapped up in one episode. There were times when a case was carried forward to another episode or two. But The Killing takes two seasons to close a case. In a way, it’s a very detailed detective series that was developed very creatively by Veena Sud. It worked well for me because I watched the series at one stretch. But it would have been a torture for the ones who waited for two years to see a case close on “Television”.

The camera follows Detective Sarah Linden who has actually applied for a voluntary retirement to migrate to Sonoma to marry her fiancé. But this one murder gets Linden involved till she and Holder find the killer of a teenager Rosie Larsen. The victim was found murdered in a car that belonged to Darren Richmond, the man running for Mayor in Seattle. Thus interconnecting the Larsen family, the political scenario in Seattle and the Seattle PD.

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