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Gola, Chaat, Pav Bhaji and Falooda at Juhu Beach

When it comes to hogging, we don’t care about the crowd at Juhu Beach. The plan to go to Juhu was born in 5 minutes. Two other friends and I hailed an auto and headed straight to this crowd pulling beach, all for the love of Golas.

When we reached Juhu beach, we couldn’t resist anything. We started with Golas which slowly extended to chaat – bhel puri, shev puri and dahi puri. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the huge thava of Bombay pav bhaji. So we ate that as well. We were feeling stuffed, but couldn’t resist kulfi falooda. Now, since we’ve come all the way here, we thought of completing our hogging session with some dessert.


We were full till the brim. So much so that we were afraid to sneeze or even laugh. One of my friends said, “If I only sneeze, all that I’ve eaten will come out through my nose.” The other friend was afraid to laugh because of the same reason. I had to return home and file three stories, but alas, how could I after stuffing myself so much? Well, I didn’t. I procrastinated my work till this morning.

Take a look at the delicious food!

Gola Syrups

Dahi Puri

Pav Bhaji

Kulfi Falooda

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Everything Fishy at Versova Fish Festival 2013

Fish! The true Goan in me wakes up at the sound of this word. Fish sounds delicious, looks gorgeous and tastes extraordinary. Last evening, my gal pals and I were lucky enough to make it to the third and final day of the Versova Fish Festival. The ground was decorated beautifully with fish nets and thermocol art.

With over 40 stalls serving all types of cooked fish, we couldn’t decide where to begin. However, we had fried Bombay Duck (Bombil) that was as fresh as we could imagine, Prawn Pizza that turned out to be quite delicious. At least, we didn’t need any sauce to alter the taste of the pizza. Next, we settled for a Prawns Gravy and Squids that were coupled perfectly with the rice rotis.

After hogging as much as we could, we walked to towards a counter that served Falooda Kulfi. This had to be the end of our evening. No more could we in take.

Scroll down to get a glimpse of what you missed!


734704_10152439262430626_506721134_n (1)









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Missed A ‘G’, May Be? Not At All!

Pardon my poor knowledge about home furnishings, but when I first saw this hoarding, I thought they missed a “G”. See it for yourself.


P.S. OODLIFE is a joint venture between Sycamore, a construction conglomerate from Dubai and Uyork, a designing and manufacturing factory for furniture. OODLIFE is the brand name used for marketing modern contemporary furniture across the world, and has established itself in China, India, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia.

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‘Chai’ Needs To Be Loved And Missed

For, chai needs to be loved just for itself.
Not because it is fragrant, flavoured, exotic, from new trees or old.
Not because it can bring you relief, respite, anti-oxidants.
Not because it is strong, or mild, or just right, or vaccum-sealed. 
Just because it is chai and chai is good (unless it has been treated badly).

– Annie Zaidi, Author, Known Turf

Cutting Chai Memories


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