Gola, Chaat, Pav Bhaji and Falooda at Juhu Beach

When it comes to hogging, we don’t care about the crowd at Juhu Beach. The plan to go to Juhu was born in 5 minutes. Two other friends and I hailed an auto and headed straight to this crowd pulling beach, all for the love of Golas.

When we reached Juhu beach, we couldn’t resist anything. We started with Golas which slowly extended to chaat – bhel puri, shev puri and dahi puri. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the huge thava of Bombay pav bhaji. So we ate that as well. We were feeling stuffed, but couldn’t resist kulfi falooda. Now, since we’ve come all the way here, we thought of completing our hogging session with some dessert.


We were full till the brim. So much so that we were afraid to sneeze or even laugh. One of my friends said, “If I only sneeze, all that I’ve eaten will come out through my nose.” The other friend was afraid to laugh because of the same reason. I had to return home and file three stories, but alas, how could I after stuffing myself so much? Well, I didn’t. I procrastinated my work till this morning.

Take a look at the delicious food!

Gola Syrups

Dahi Puri

Pav Bhaji

Kulfi Falooda

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