The Little Door, Sunday Brunch Review: Crab Sticks Are the Highlight


You can either knock at the door or just push it open and continue your Saturday night party at a pretty little neighbourhood place next morning. You may take a seat either in the living room or balcony. Now, take a plate and start serving yourself. Oh before that, place an order for a summer drink.

In my defence, I wasn’t hung over, but there’s nothing like an unlimited Sunday brunch. The Little Door, which launched almost a year ago, has become quite famous among a lot ofMumbaikars. The Mediterranean restaurant rose to fame mostly because of its drinking games, film screenings and of course, the food and drinks!

While an order was placed for two Sangrias – Troise’ and Grapple – we headed to the buffet that was a spread of salads and appetizers that were contributed by farmers, hunters and fishermen. Now the thing is that the brunch menu changes every Sunday, so you better hope that the Burgerette (mini version of the XL burger) and the Crab Sticks are there. I bet you will go for a second and a third serving as far as the Crab Sticks are concerned. Those tiny cube-shaped crabmeat were flavourful.

We decided to skip breakfast, and jump to nibble onBombil Fritto (Bombay Duck fried in the Italian style) and Shrimp stuffed with jalapenos and wrapped with bacon and cheese. I know, it sounds yummy. Believe me, it tastes nothing less. While the Bombil was hidden under a crisp coating of breadcrumbs, the bacon around the shrimp was hot and smoky and our wine based drinks well balanced with the flavour of fruits.

Initially, placing an order was not a problem, but once hungry people across age groups stared crowding the restaurant, getting the attention of a waiter was difficult. Also, with the rise in number, each course took longer to reach our table. At such times, you can either enjoy the techno beats in the background or play games like Uno, Chess, Scrabble, Dictionary, Taboo, or just pull out a magazine or a newspaper. I really like this concept.

We had our neighbours staring at our table when the main course – Beef Steak and Torte De Congrejo– arrived. My sister was just not ready to share the steak with me. But when I took a bite, I wish I’d order for the same tender piece of meat. But well, mine was nothing less. My fork was diving into a shell full of crabmeat that was baked with a thin layer of cheese. Oops! Sorry, didn’t mean to salivate.

While I was still enjoying my main course, I had one eye on the dessert counter. And the Red Velvet cakein particular. If you love this cake, please keep a portion aside as soon as you enter. When I reached the counter, I was not even spared crumbs of the Red Velvet cake. But hang on – Chocolate Indulgence, Pineapple Tart and Blueberry Cheesecake compensated for what I missed. The dessert was a delight, and like I call it, a perfect ending. Now go home and get some rest!

Brunch with fresh juices – Rs 793 + taxes (Additional Rs 600 for spirits)

AddressThe Little Door  Ground Floor, Shree Siddhivanayak Plaza, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400052
For Brunch Reservations call: Rohit – +91-9892649040

Torte De Congrejo





(Please note: This review was first published on Indian Food Freak)

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