Burgs Review: From Mac N Cheese Bomb to Prawn Cracker

(Please note: This review was first published on Indian Food Freak)


Before I begin, let me narrate what was going on in my mind when I was on my way to Burgs. And if you’re not familiar with the television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you may not understand the next two sentences, but this episode’s in SS4. For the lot who’ve watched HIMYM, I’m sure you’ve guessed what’s going to be my next sentence. It’s the episode where Marshall was in search of the best burger in New York. So on my way I was wondering if the burgers at Burgs would entice a similar reaction in me or would disappointment cloud my face.

The burger joint launched its newest outlet in Andheri (West) off Veera Desai road. The place looked charming with the bright and colourful décor. What caught my attention first were the huge non-edible burgers on the ceiling.

So the evening commenced by placing an order for a Vanilla & Lavender with Marshmallows ice-cream shake and a Strawberry Slush. Right from the menu to the food, everything is served in the takeaway mode – packed. Rewinding to the drinks, the ice-cream shake was milky and had a strong taste of vanilla. Pieces of marshmallow made an appearance here and there. On the other hand, the sweet tasting slush was very refreshing. It will not just quench your thirst, but you will want more even before you’re done with the first one.

Until the salad and the burgers came, we thought of nibbling on either French Fries or Onion Rings. For a strange reason we chose the Crispy Onion Rings. They were indeed, crispy. But instead of the slush, I was now craving for a glass of beer. Onion rings and beer make an amazing couple. Don’t you agree?

The Arabic Salad (non-veg) tasted a lot likepaani-puribecause of the tamarind. There were pieces of chicken sleeping on a bed of lettuce, tomato slices and some Chinese cabbage. I would have liked if the smaller pieces of chicken were allowed to sink till the bottom. After a point, I was only eating the greens.

Would you be hesitant to opt for a veg burger if you’re obsessed by non-veg good? I was, but the Mac N Cheese Bomb was a good try. If you love pasta, this one is for you! It’s a patty of macaroni and cheese topped with creamy cheese sauce. In short, it’s a cheese feast, and a good choice, of course!

My next order was based on the suggestion given by my friends who had been to the Bandra outlet. Notorious P.I.G. made it to my table all wrapped in butter paper. The burger is such that it will make you salivate. I had high expectations from this one. But it was sweet and not spicy. I think it was the BBQ sauce that was tweaking the taste. However, the juicy meat was cooked very well and I liked that it was shredded.

Now it was time for a seafood burger – Prawn Cracker. It’s a delicious prawn patty that’s fried crackling crisp. The jalapeño mayo gave the burger a hot and spicy taste. I loved every bite of this burger.

This burger fiesta had to come to an end. Quick points about Burgs: Service is prompt, but depends on the number of visitors. The bread is freshly baked. You can choose from white bread and whole wheat bread. Every burger brings along extra ketchup, but if you’d like any other sauces (Tangy sauce, BBQ sauce, Cheese sauce or Chipotle sauce), you will have to shell out some more money.

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