The Post Breakup Story: 7 Rules

I never imagined myself writing this, but it’s something I’d like to share. It’s for all those girls who assumed they were in a serious relationship, but for awkward reasons had to part ways with the guy. Well, this can get really tough if you allow it to, but divert your precious attention towards the better world, and phew! in less than a year you’ll be doing excellent. Believe me ‘coz it’s experience talking. Here are a couple of pointers that act like panacea.

  1. Set out on an adventure trip: I was lucky enough to join my friends on a road trip to Coorg. It’s an amazing place and has the potential to divert your mind completely. You can always choose another location, but go! Just go.
  2. Meet new people: I don’t think there’s any harm in meeting new people. Over the last 10 months (post my breakup) I’ve met a lot of people, initiated new friendship. And very importantly, retain these friends. As much as possible, avoid spilling the beans about your breakup. It will only call for sympathy and self-pity.
  3. Guy friends are just friends: The next guy you meet is not the ‘replacement’. I know that sounds really immature, but wait. Be patient. That spot will be filled, not immediately but eventually.
  4. Read/ watch movies: Ah! There’s nothing as blissful as a novel in your hand. Read. Read. And read. Please, I beg you! DO NOT get your hands on a love story. Choose adventure novels, thrillers, murder mysteries. These genres will ensure that Mr Ex is not on your mind. If this is not your cup of tea, opt for a cup of coffee – movies. I need not say more!
  5. Silent Therapy: While you continue to meet people, it’s always better to keep yourself on discreet mode. Observe as much as you can. Absorb as much as you can.
  6. Do what you love the most: I love singing, so I joined my parish choir. That felt good!
  7. Learn something new: I recently enrolled myself to dance classes. I’m a Goan-catholic who wouldn’t easily step onto the dance floor. So, I decided to do something that I’ve never done before. I’m literally taking one step at a time. In my opinion, dance turned out to be the best therapy. If you’re already good at dancing, learn a foreign language. I may do that next.

Good luck! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Post Breakup Story: 7 Rules

  1. Francesca

    amazing advice suez! i shall keep ’em in mind.. if and when i go thru the phase. 😉

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