I hope to make my fellow Goans proud too: Keith Sequeira

Keith Sequeira, who has roots in Goa got a break in Bollywood and acted in his first film, Sixteen. Read the complete story that appeared in The Goan here. Below is the (unedited) interview with the actor.


Congratulations on your great work in Sixteen. Tell us about how the film came to you.
I was sitting at a restaurant when a casting director who was working on the project approached me. He asked if I was VJ Keith and if I’d like to do a fabulous role in a small but very interesting film. I loved the story and my character in particular. The film interests me more because it focused on teenagers and girls and the issues they face. Also it put women in a strong light and showed our society a mirror. Hence I was sold to sixteen immediately.

Describe your role and character in the film.
My role is of an author who represents the perspective elders have about teenagers. He is a very intense person who comes with his own baggage. However, he is drawn to one of the 16-year-old characters in the film and we gradually see his character transform through the story. Eventually they end up as his inspiration. It was a great role for subtle strong performance.

What led you to choosing modelling/ fashion and acting as a career?
I basically could never imagine myself doing an office job. Acting us something that I’m very passionate about, and the opportunity to do something different every day is what I crave most and feel blessed about. I started off as a model and my favourite campaign is for Raymond. I was the last person to audition and literally was forced. Shocking but I was chosen immediately from around 3000 people.

Tell us about your days as an RJ followed by being a VJ.
Being an RJ was something that came to me naturally because of my voice and the ability to communicate fluently. As a result, I realised I could make a career out of speaking with my audience. I auditioned and the channel was impressed with my ability to connect with the masses.

I, becoming a VJ was a total coincidence. I was on a trip to Mumbai, and a close friend mentioned that B4U was looking for anchors. I thought of giving it a shot, so I auditioned and was instantly selected. This one incident brought me to the city of dreams.

Where did you complete your schooling, college?
I completed my schooling from at St. Columbus School in Delhi, followed by a Bachelors degree in Economics.

You’ve been an RJ, VJ, Model and an actor. What are the common challenges you face?
Being a media person, catching up with the fast pace can be an intimidating task. Sometimes, I feel this pace needs to be slowed down because as humans we need our breaks before we start.

Introduce us to Keith Sequeira the Goan. What are the Goan qualities you posses.
My dad is from Aldona. He left the state when he was still a teenager to build a career. He left Goa for Mumbai and later left Mumbai for Delhi, the place when I was born and brought up. Also, my dad speaks Konkani without any effort. It’s fluent. The sad part of growing up in Delhi is that I was never exposed to Konkani so there was no chance of me learning the language. My best quality about being a Goan is that I don’t take life too seriously. Apart from this, it’s also important to possess a good sense of humour, which is also essential in my line of work.

What’s your take on Goa and Hindi as a language? The relationship between the two.
I travel to Goa almost twice a year if not more. The place is undoubtedly gorgeous and the people are extremely hospitable. However, Hindi is not widely spoken in Goa, but it’s now coming along with the younger folk. The younger generation has started loving Bollywood. Even though I’m a Goan, the fact that I’ve been raised in Delhi helps me speak fluent Hindi. Soon, I want people to break the stereotype that Goan bloodlines cannot speak fluent Hindi. Hopefully, this should happen in time.

Considering you’re a Goan, are you ever viewed with a different eye in the industry?
Considering I’m a Goan, there are times when I’m viewed with a different eye. There’s always this notion that Goans are unable to speak in Hindi. In addition to this, my name always flashes my Goan identity.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
In the next five years, I want to definitely do more of acting and doing good work in Bollywood. Simultaneously, I would also like to carve a name for myself in the industry that is rapidly advancing and expanding. Like this, I hope to make my fellow Goans proud too!


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One thought on “I hope to make my fellow Goans proud too: Keith Sequeira

  1. Rohit Pereira

    Goans rock bro. Make yourself and us proud.Viva Goa ! Forca Goa !

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