Superstitions Or Stupidstitions?

(This is my weekly column replugged from The Goan on Saturday)

Last month, it felt sad to read about the assassination of anti-superstition activist Narendra Dabholkar. He was a man with a mission to eradicate all sorts of superstitions. Most importantly, those beliefs that directly or indirectly affected human or animal life.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to list out some bizarre superstitions Goans are familiar with. There could be worse ones, and it’s time to face reality and burry these false notions.

Why’s the crow cawing?: Imagine yourself with a group of friends. Wouldn’t you be chatting, laughing, arguing and having fun? Then if a crow caws in front of your house, how does it suggest we’re going to have a visitor? A crow has invariably misled me. What about you?

Barking up the wrong tree: If a dog barks awkwardly at night, something terrible is going to happen the following day. Hmmm… And what if nothing dreadful happens? We just confirmed it’s a superstition! And you know what, just the way humans talk, dogs bark. I think the dog howls because it’s hungry.

Do not touch the broom after sunset: Hygiene is important. Didn’t your family doctor say so? There is a superstitious belief that if anyone sweeps their house at night, they are sweeping out wealth. Excuse me? We should probably take a close look at the dust-pan then.

Cutting nails at night: So, it’s established that hygiene is necessary. Then why not cut nails at night? Enlighten me.

Oh no! A black cat: This is my favourite superstition I love to bust. Once I crossed the path of a black cat, and I was wondering whether I was going to get cursed or the cat. In any case, a cat is a cat; whether brown, white or black. And just to say, nothing happened to either of us. The cat was safe and we lived together happily ever after.

Goody two-shoes: Okay, I am in a hurry so I just flip my footwear off my feet. I know that shoes are the best accessory that make a woman feel confident, but hello! Who lets my shoes decide if there’s going to be an argument in the house or not?

Cracked Mirror on the Wall: So I decide to clean the house, and I’m advised to be careful. But you know what, I’m also clumsy. And guess what, I did save my family from something really dangerous. Does a mirror really have the power to divert a so-called curse to itself? Well done, mirror!

The number 13: This is my favourite number. But that’s not why it’s in this list. We know about Friday the 13th, but hey! Why is it unlucky?

Touch Wood: If something positive occurs or if we’re going through a peaceful phase, we should touch wood each time we tell it to someone. Yes, the wood sensed your touch.

These are just 9. I’m sure you know of more. Isn’t it time to put these superstitions or stupidstitions (what I like to call them) to bed?

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2 thoughts on “Superstitions Or Stupidstitions?

  1. Oh, how much my parents shout at me just because I cut my nails in the evening or night! And I still continue with it. 😀 Also, the crow thingie, it’s stupid, but whenever the crow has cawed at our home, we ALWAYS have had visitors… Strange…

  2. peculiarblend

    Good stuff.

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