Mumbai: The Street Food Paradise

#Replug of my column featured in The Goan on Saturday.

Did you visit Mumbai and leave without having paani puri? Oh, too bad! You just missed the taste of this city. And mind you, the taste does not end with paani puri. There are many more recipes you’ve got to explore from the streets of Mumbai.

Street food is not a new concept to us. But to Mumbaikars, it’s a favourite option when the tummy starts growling. A quick bite from a roadside stall can save us from fainting due to hunger. This is one of Mumbai’s finest characteristics. And what’s best? Street food in the maximum city is inexpensive and economical. Here, I list out some of my favourite items from the street stalls:


Chaat: This term is mostly referred to anything that’s khatta-mitta (sweet and sour) and spicy. The chaat family includes paani puri, dahi puri, bhel puri, aaloo chaat and the likes. Most common ingredients would include puffed rice, chopped onion, boiled potato, tamarind chutney and red chilli paste, garnished with coriander.


Pav Bhaji: This is one of the most loved street foods. And my favourite come from the stalls at Juhu beach. There’s no way one can go there and return without having pav bhaji. The pav is usually buttered and served with a mix of mashed potato and vegetables that’s spiced with garlic and red chillies. Too yummy to resist!

Frankie: The frankie is an imitation of the famous Lebanese peta bread wrap. Simply put, a frankie is a roti coated with an egg dip and stuffed with ingredients such as chicken, mutton, paneer (cottage cheese) and at time, some vegetables. Not forgetting, the spread of sauces and sprinkled spices that make for a delicious quick treat!

Sandwich: When I was young, my mother used to give me two sandwiches in my tiffin box with coconut chutney, jam, cheese, butter and at times ham spread on the thin slices of bread. The Bombay sandwich has this and lots more! You will find vegetable sandwiches with slices of tomato, potato, cucumber, beetroot, capsicum and little bit of chutney. More than enough to stuff your stomach! You also get to choose if you want cheese sprinkled over it or not, grilled, and of course, the size of the slice bread. At times, these sandwiches make for a good meal too.


Mixed fruit falooda: This is my favourite dessert from the street stalls. You will find tiny carts at every corner serving falooda and kulfi ice cream. The pretty looking drink is a mixture of finely sliced fruits in milk topped with scoops of ice cream and dry fruits. Yummilicious!


Gola: The last but also a favourite is this recipe of crushed ice on a stick dipped in flavoured syrup. Again, the best of golas can be found at Juhu beach. Invariably, there are questions regarding the quality of water, but considering how popular golas are, the concern is overruled most of the times. If not kala katta, the blueberry flavour is sure to do the magic!


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