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(This column was first published in the The Goan on Saturday)

Last Thursday, when all of us were dreading the day and eagerly waiting for the weekend, @WeAreMumbai started #MumbaiBecause, a hashtag that every Mumbaikar could use in their tweets to explode the microblogging site with love for this city.

While many of us crib about how crowded Mumbai is or how it’s difficult to enter and exit a train, or how it’s a nightmare trying to hail a cab and convince the driver to be your ride, some of us took to the internet space to say why despite all this mayhem, we still love the city and can swear by it.

@bombaywaali: #MumbaiBecause the speed of life!

Oh yes! The same reason why I come back to this city every time I decide to run away from the noise, pollution, commotion, traffic jams, crowded trains. And once I experience the calm and empty streets, the city pours down a rain of boredom and finds me guilty, and handcuffs me back into the city. I’ve grown older and more mature in Mumbai only because of the speed. Last Sunday, I injured my knee and was bed-ridden for two days. The third day, I was back in office. I wonder, why?

@BombayVintage_: #MumbaiBecause: Glamour. Madness. Attraction. Beaches. Craze. Bollywood. Acceptance. Warmth. Rains. Locals. StreetFood. Friendship. Love.

This tweet is self-explanatory. This is a mad city carrying a bunch of crazy people. People who want to explore, who are not afraid of taking a risk, people who fight for what they think is right and against what’s wrong. It’s a city where people initiate friendship in a train or with the chaiwalla or even with the vegetable vendor. If you’re lost in a world of your own, stare out of your window and you will get carried away with what you see.

@ThatDarkCoffee: #MumbaiBecause Freedom.

Name a Mumbaikar who disagrees with this one word that describes this city so beautifully. Can’t find? Neither can I. A couple of weeks ago, I’d written about how this metro teaches us to be independent. We taste independence only because we’re given the freedom. The city doesn’t stop you from taking a walk or dancing in the rain. No one will stare at you if you start singing on the road. They might give you the look and keep walking. Even if they think you’re crazy, the passerby will laugh it off. Freedom. Do what you want because you are the master.

 @Advaitn: #MumbaiBecause Where else is distance measured in minutes?

So true! You want to go from Bandra to Churchgate, we don’t know how many kilometres it is, but we do know that it’s going to take 30 minutes by train and by cab, some 45-50 minutes depending on the amount of traffic that’s clogging the roads. If someone asks me how far I’m from office, there are high chances I might reply saying “da-da-da minutes away”. Because we don’t know the distance.

 @_AmitSawant: #MumbaiBecause everyday is like carnival out here.

We’re always dancing to the tunes of traffic. Three colours that matter are Green, Orange and Red. Everyone hides their troubles behind a mask because life is too short, and we rather laugh till we’re here.

And within 45 minutes, #MumbaiBecause was trending in Mumbai. Ask someone to talk about Mumbai and you’re in for some inspiration.

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