My awe-inspiring experience at Adlabs Imagica

If it wasn’t for my sister, I would have still not seen Adlabs Imagica. If you’re working, and you have your weekends off, you know what it’s like to stretch your Saturday slumber till afternoon. But no, my sister insisted that we go to Imagica and explore the celebrated theme park. So I woke earlier than usual and took off to the outskirts of Mumbai. I was still not quite awake even when I reached the entrance of Adlabs Imagica, and my first impression of the place, to put it in simple words, wasn’t all that great.

After crossing the main entrance, I landed on the other side that brought to life fairytales that were read to us when we were kids. For a moment, I was swept out of reality and and transported to the fantasy world where there was a dashing hero, a villain, a beautiful scenery, lots of picturesque lands and water bodies, grand palaces, soothing music as I strolled along, and then at once, my eyes landed on the roller coaster! The kid inside me sprang to life and my sleep took a nap of its own, while I zoomed on Nitro, my fave roller coaster at Adlabs Imagica.

One after another, I took some of the most scary, freaky but thrilling roller coaster rides. The Dare Drop seemed scary too, but again, what doesn’t seem scary at Imagica? For me, it was a matter of letting loose and having fun. I got off one roller coaster and ran towards the other. Between these I stopped for a boat ride which was relaxing and didn’t match up to my excitement level. What was totally ironic is that, my Sister who dragged me to Imagica, refused to get on to any ride. So when the time came to try out the themed attractions such as Mr India, Wrath of the Gods, I for India and Prince of the Dark Waters, I made a concious effort to leak out less information about the rides and took her with me. She did scream her lungs out, but well, at least she managed to enjoy a bit of Imagica 🙂

She took the front seat during our meal breaks. For lunch, we marched towards The Imagica Capital, an Indian buffet restaurant, which caters to most of the crowd. As a staunch non-vegetarian, I was not quite impressed when I saw only veg dishes listed on the menu. The main course had only one chicken dish. Not that I was hungry and wanted to hog on, but the little chicken on the menu didn’t disappoint.

The Street Food Festival was on, and my sister relished every bit of it. The pani puri was spicy and fiery. While she was pre-occupied with the extensive chaat menu, I couldn’t wait to go out and get back to the field of fun!

Hunger started seeping in towards the evening. So we quickly took a tea break at the Red Bonnet American Diner. The decor made up of vintage cars, dinning tables and quite the American style was impressive, and the range of burgers didn’t let us down.

I covered as much as I could on that one Saturday, and I couldn’t imagine leaving Imagica without getting onto the Scream Machine. It was scary. Even the thought was scary. I gathered all the courage I had and decided to my make it my last ride for the day. Most onlookers are filled with a mixture of dread and excitement at the thought of boarding the Scream Machine for the height it touches. When the machine first started, I had my heart in my mouth. As it started getting faster, I began to relax and within two minutes, I felt so close to the sky. I could kiss it. But just as we were spinning and going higher at the same time, the ride was coming to an end. I was transported back to reality. The sky seemed far, again as my feet touched the ground.

If I’m quizzed about my most awe-inspiring experience at Adlabs Imagica, it will be this Scream Machine. It’s scary, no doubt. But it’s a fantastic challenge you could counter your fear with!















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